Greta Thunberg’s new book urges the world to take climate action now

The best shot we have at minimizing the future impacts of climate change is to limit global warming to 1.5 degrees Celsius. Since the Industrial Revolution began, humankind has already raised the average global temperature by about 1.1 degrees. If we continue to emit greenhouse gases at the current rate, the world will probably surpass ... Read more

This dinosaur might have used its feet to snag prey in midair like modern hawks

Modern birds evolved from dinosaurs, but it’s not clear how well birds’ ancient dino ancestors could fly (SN: 10/28/16). Now, a look at the fossilized feet of one nonavian dinosaur suggests that it may have hunted on the wing, like some hawks today. The crow-sized Microraptor had toe pads very similar to those of modern ... Read more

New images reveal details of two bacteria’s molecular syringes

Some bacteria carry tiny syringes filled with chemicals that may thin out competitors or incapacitate predators. Now, researchers have gotten up-close views of these syringes, technically known as contractile injection systems, from a type of cyanobacteria and a marine bacterium. Figuring out how key parts of the molecular syringes work may help scientists devise their ... Read more