Spirit of harmony

"We advocate harmony and inclusiveness, and promote exchanges and mutual learning among civilizations…" Six young individuals, representing different countries, ethnicities and cultures, echoed the Hehe World Initiative during the recently concluded 2023 Global Forum on Hehe Culture.  Experts at the event told the Global Times that Hehe culture embodies the idea of the harmonious coexistence ... Read more

Spain: Ambassador meets with NCPA president, seeking cooperation

Spanish Ambassador to China Rafael Dezcallar met with the National Centre for the Performing Arts (NCPA) President Wang Ning on July 15 to facilitate in-depth exchanges of cultural and art organizations between China and Spain. This year marks the 50th anniversary since the establishment of diplomatic relations between China and Spain. Both countries have long ... Read more

Did Biden ‘neglect’ Indonesia and ASEAN? The truth is darker: Global Times editorial

The 43rd ASEAN Summit and related meetings are scheduled from Monday to Thursday in Jakarta, Indonesia. Countries such as China, the US, Japan and South Korea will attend. According to Indonesian President Joko Widodo, "there are plenty [of agendas], but the focus is on the economy." This is a prominent feature of this year's ASEAN ... Read more

Nuke dump adding to racism, exclusionism in Japan a great shame

Editor's Note:Despite widespread opposition both domestically and internationally, the first phase of dumping nuclear-contaminated wastewater from Fukushima concluded on September 11. The commencement of the second phase is potentially scheduled for late September. This move has significantly impacted the populations of the Pacific region. However, when China expressed legitimate concerns, it faced criticism from some ... Read more

China to accelerate R&D in 6G, optical communication, quantum communication to support industry digitalization: MIIT

China's Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT) vowed to accelerate the research and development of core technologies in 6G, optical communication and quantum communication to support the country's industry digitalization.  Zhao Zhiguo, spokesperson for MIIT, said during a press conference held on Thursday that China's information communication industry saw stable growth in the first ... Read more

DPP's plan to 'resume' cross-Straits exchanges is 'pie in the sky'

The island of Taiwan's "mainland affairs council" recently released a "plan" to "resume" cross-Straits tourism and exchanges, but such a plan is a "pie in the sky" as it actually imposes stricter restrictions for exchanges, Zhu Fenglian, spokesperson for the Taiwan Affairs Office of the State Council, said on Friday. Taiwan's "mainland affairs council" announced on ... Read more

Female burying beetle uses chemical cue to douse love life

For burying beetles, parenting is a real turnoff. While caring for her newborn larvae, a mother burying beetle (Nicrophorus vespilloides) releases a chemical compound that limits her mate’s urge to breed. The antiaphrodisiac cue lets beetle dads focus on childcare before mating again, researchers report March 22 in Nature Communications. “We were surprised to discover ... Read more

Mini ‘wind farm’ could capture energy from microbes in motion

Fluid filled with lively, churning bacteria could one day become a small-scale power source. New computer simulations indicate that a miniature wind farm‒like device could harvest the energy of chaotically swirling bacteria. That energy could be used to power micromachines or pump fluids through tiny channels. In the simulations, bacteria tended to spontaneously swim in ... Read more

Jupiter’s Great Red Spot is hot

On Jupiter, the Great Red Spot is the hottest thing going. Temperatures over the ruddy oval, a storm that could engulf Earth, are hundreds of degrees warmer than neighboring parcels of air and higher than anywhere else on the planet, researchers report online July 27 in Nature. Heat from the storm might help explain why ... Read more

CRISPR inspires new tricks to edit genes

Scientists usually shy away from using the word miracle — unless they’re talking about the gene-editing tool called CRISPR/Cas9. “You can do anything with CRISPR,” some say. Others just call it amazing. CRISPR can quickly and efficiently manipulate virtually any gene in any plant or animal. In the four years since CRISPR has been around, ... Read more