Armored dinos may have used their tail clubs to bludgeon each other

Tanklike armored dinosaurs probably pummeled each other — not just predators — with huge, bony knobs attached to the ends of their tails. Thanks to new fossil findings, researchers are getting a clearer understanding of how these rugged plant eaters may have used their wicked weaponry. Many dinosaurs known as ankylosaurids sported a heavy, potentially ... Read more

These are our favorite science books of 2022

Books about the pandemic. Books about the ancient past. Books about outer space. These were a few of Science News staff’s favorite reads. If your favorite didn’t make this year’s cut, let us know what we missed at Vagina ObscuraRachel E. GrossW.W. Norton & Co.$30 For centuries, scientists (mostly males) have ignored female biology, ... Read more

A parasite makes wolves more likely to become pack leaders

A parasite might be driving some wolves to lead or go solo. Wolves in Yellowstone National Park infected with Toxoplasma gondii make more daring decisions than their uninfected counterparts, researchers report November 24 in Communications Biology. The wolves’ enhanced risk-taking means they are more likely to leave their pack, or become leaders of their own. ... Read more